The audition process is one of the most time intensive and important processes that a summer festival undertakes. It is also one of the most expensive. Between travel costs, technology, shipping, venue expenses and salaries, every festival loses time and money on this process relative to the income.

AuditionTour (AT) is your strategic partner that not only saves time and money but also creates opportunities to enhance internal operations and fund raising efforts. The Principles of AT are professional musicians that have over 20 years experience in administrating and facilitating auditions. This enables AT to create the most positive, successful and efficient audition experience for all involved.

The three major areas in which AT can create efficiencies and help organizations move forward are the physical Tour, customized Software for viewing, judging and organizing applicants and Consulting on how best to capitalize on the newfound capacity having thrown off the yoke of the Tour.

I. The Tour

AT develops Festival Awareness Campaign beginning in August

  • Marketing strategies developed
  • Poster design and development
  • E-Communications and social media implementation
  • Direct and personal communications to key teachers and administrators

AT executes its Location Management Strategy in early September

  • Venue management and tour development – An international tour including the major cities and music schools in the US and Canada – over 17 locations in all
  • On site additional personnel contracted
  • Instrument and equipment needs addressed and fulfilled

AT manages Application Processes from October to March

  • Online application
  • Audition time scheduling
  • Address all customer service issues and inquiries
  • Create and maintain user-friendly database

AT manages and executes Tour from January to March

  • AT staff travels to all audition sites ~ 18-20 cities
  • Auditions recorded in high definition with top quality audio equipment

II. Software

The AT software, unlike traditional software that is installed on individual computers has been developed as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). SaaS products are hosted in a ʻcloudʼ and can be accessed from any location with an Internet connection. The AT adjudication process requires less time and effort from Artistic and operational staff.

AT software saves time and money while improving the overall audition process.

  • Eliminates hidden costs
  • Review auditions anywhere world wide 24/7
  • Assembles audition materials within a single searchable platform

The AT software:

  • HD audio and video
  • Customized reviewer tools with permission levels
  • Administrator panel
  • Integration with your existing software and database
  • Auditions available to view online within 48 hours of tour date
  • Automated “Queue” for a smooth and efficient notification process

III. Consulting

Our Consulting Services begin with a discovery meeting — This meeting will reveal to AT as well to the Festival, unnoticed weaknesses and inefficiencies. The team at AT includes the former Executive Director of the National Repertory Orchestra and the former Director of Emerging Artists for the Henry Mancini Institute and are extremely experienced in non-profit development and program development. We are here to work with you to create the best organizations possible.

What AT saves you:

  • Hours spent arranging venue schedules
  • Thousands of dollars spent on airfare, hotels, per diem, venue fees
  • Hundreds of hours of transferring video from camera to DVD
  • Shipping DVDs and paperwork all over the United States
  • Hours of searching through DVDs trying to find various auditions
  • Valuable Staff time

AuditionTour’s mission is to eliminate the burden of the audition process, in terms of money and time, so Festivals and Musicians can spend more time doing what they do best – making great music!

For more info please email or call:

Kerry Farrell

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